New, Enhanced Version of MLA Commons

Today sees the release of MLA Commons version 2.1.0, which has many enhancements and fixes. The most notable of these is an advanced new profile system, Portfolios, which is based on the profile engine currently in use at the CUNY Academic Commons. Users of MLA Commons will now be able to create personal portfolios to showcase their publications, affiliations, and educational history, in the style of an online vita or résumé. Users can provide links to their Twitter accounts or blogs, and custom fields are also available, as are various privacy settings. Many options exist for refining the appearance of the portfolios, which have been engineered to display well in PDF or when printed. To get started building your new portfolio, see “Editing Your Portfolio.”

Other changes in this release include forum search capabilities, a better handling of blog avatars, a simplified interface for group document creation, fixes for group file uploading, and an improved look for Internet Explorer users. Some of these changes have been contributed to community projects such as BuddyPress, BP Group Documents, and BuddyPress Docs. See a complete list of changes and browse our free and open-source code at the MLA’s GitHub repository.

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